Best Trip Guide to Thousand Islands Jakarta

Funnily enough, they’re an archipelago of islands. On the other hand, the exact amount of islands which exist will be up for discussion. Some sources say it is about 150, and others say it is too much for 300. For sure, we believe it is not 1000. However, that is somewhat disappointing (but also too much to explore)!

The Location of Thousand Islands Jakarta

The archipelago is located off the north shore of Jakarta. Java is an island at Western Indonesia. Indonesia is a nation in Southeast Asia.

The Reason You Should Visit The Thousand Island

It is most likely the best activity to take in Jakarta.

Jakarta has a negative reputation because of its smelly, filthy and not too encouraging vacation. Getting visited, we could inform you there’s an element of truth to this statement.

But what better way to escape city smog than by merely seeing the Thousand Islands?

Way to Reach The Thousand Islands From Jakarta

The gradual ferries into the Thousand Islands leave from Kali Adem jack at the Muara Angke region of Jakarta.

In the downtown, you can take a cab, Grab-Car (like Uber, download the Grab app), Go-Car (like Uber, download the Go-Jek app) or take advantage of these TransJakarta public buses. If using the buses, then take path 1 of the way to Kota Tua, followed by path 12A into the Kali Adem ferry interface.


This part details the most economical way to achieve precisely Thousand Islands — exactly precisely the manner that the natives use. To get a more suitable and pricey alternative, find speedboats and afternoon excursions from Marina Ancol (another port).

Once in the Kali Adem dock, purchase a ferry ticket for an island of choice. A one-way ticket into Harapan Island (recommended) prices Rp60,000 (Number 3.1/ / US$4) per individual.

The standard program for your slow ferries is double per day. The initial one departs from the afternoon around 7:30 am, with the next ferry leaving from the early day. To make sure you receive a ticket, then we’d recommend intending to arrive at the ferry port about 1 hour before departure (mainly at weekends since it’s going to be occupied ).

Slow ferries stop in 4 of these bigger islands: initial cease Pari Island (1.5hrs in Jakarta), subsequently Pramuka Island (2.5hrs) and eventually Harapan along with Kelapa Islands that are united together as a single (3.5hrs).

Just a heads up, do not hope any luxuries about the ferries — no more air-con or private rooms! But, their cushioned seats are comfortable, and there is a sun deck up high if you fancy having a head start on your tan. When you get to every stop, sailors will provide beverages and snacks throughout the chimney. However, we would still suggest bringing a few of your very own edible materials!

Things To Do in Thousand Islands Jakarta

From here you will have loads of alternatives for seeing the bigger, more scenic islands (like Pulau Cina) or taking day trips into sightseeing places.

For all those who do not mind camping, why do not remain overnight on a bigger island and also make the most of the seclusion and serenity? (take a look at the area below for additional information ).

Otherwise, it is possible to discover some accommodation on a few of the bigger islands (preferably Harapan or even Kelapa) and after that take a day trip out to all of the finest beaches and sightseeing places.

To achieve the bigger islands for an overnight stay or only a day trip, it is possible to rent a boat and direct out of Harapan Island. Small ships (up to 6 individuals ) are the most affordable. Still, it’s also possible to lease a significant boat (around 20 individuals ) should you’ve got a massive collection. For example, per daily trip should cost approximately Rp350,000 (#18/US$24) to get a whole little boat — thus dividing between multiple individuals, it is going to wind up reasonably affordable! Do not be afraid to barter if you become quoted a considerably higher cost than that.

Below is the contact information for your guide/captain we hired:- Title; Ilham. He could offer transportation to and out of the islands in addition to tailored afternoon excursions to the finest beaches and holiday spots. If you do not have your snorkelling gear, you can let it Rp25,000 (#1.3/ / US$1.7) per individual.

Most Visited – Pulau Cina

When you have hired a ship, check out Pulau Cina for some supreme comfort.

The only individuals living on the island are two or three sailors, who maintain it tidy and supply essential dishes and beverages to tourists. Aside from that, you will get everything to yourself (along with some other tourists who come on precisely the identical day as you avoid the evenings where possible)!

It’s possible to enjoy activities like sea tree swings and lazing in Camping and hammocks. Simply take some images onto your almost private island then cool off in the crystal clear sea — only consider sea urchins before going charging into the sport!

If you remain for a night on China Island, you will have the ability to witness both the sunset and sunrise over the sea. Facilities are limited though overnight stays are confined to camping; possibly make your tent and sleeping bag (just a lean one needed ) or lease the gear in Harapan Island until you visit China. Camping prices Rp25,000 (Number 1.3/ / US$1.7) per person daily.

Highly recommended spending time in Jakarta, because there are a lot of incredible things to do. Let’s explore Jakarta more to get a sensational experience! For more information, please visit Wonderful Indonesia.