A guide to design fast food restaurant


In a globe full of constant interaction, swift activities and fast-paced lifestyles, food has become a common choice that connects people from across the regions. Tasting mouth-watering dishes from wide across the region can be a thrilling venture, as fast food (like cuisines from Burger King or Big Mac or McDonald’s) remains constant throughout the globe and this is where fast food restaurant design comes into picture. Let’s look at the concepts of these fast food joints to create a successful design.

Interior and design of a fast food restaurant

Whether you want food on the go or looking for a common meal-choice or fried cuisine or burgers, a fast food restaurant brings you all that and more. Designing a franchise should have a huge corporate identity; imagine Subway interiors without the arrows or McDonald’s shedding out M on its logo? It should have similar architecture and brand identity that the world recognizes. If you’re investing in a brand new joint, then the design should be made as attractive as possible that keeps the customers engaged.

Color scheme

Have you heard of the ketchup-mustard trend? Probably no! It is a concept used in selecting the color design of a fast food outlet. The theory of yellow and red combination can instantly stimulate the appetite, making customers feel hungry. This is the idea that many fast food joins have incorporated in their interior design and branding. If not yellow or red, pick warm colors and stylish ambiance that stimulate the appetite.


You should consider many functional aspects while designing a fast food outlet, as stated below:

Seating: Keep the seating arrangement isolated and interactive at the same time. Keep tiny tables to accommodate small gang, while larger booths for family gathering. You can also have roundtables like Starbucks or shared island style seating like McDonald to trigger conversation between strangers.

Family-friendly ambiance: The goal here is to create ambiance as memorable as possible, especially for parents and kids. Make the most out of the available room to serve many patrons on an hourly basis.

Lighting and furniture

Invest in comfortable furniture setup and light fixtures that create a pleasant ambiance and make people feel more comfortable. With right lighting and color scheme, you can definitely ensure to attain maximum efficiency.

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