Why is an ITN number important for exporters?


If you’re shipping any goods into Canada, one of the main things that you should pay attention is to Internal Transaction Number (ITN). In the world of AES (automated export system), it’s an electronic scheme that’s connected to the U.S. Census Bureau and Customs Border and Protection Agency, where getting any ITN is important in order to import goods. 

What’s an ITN number?

Internal transaction number is the automated export system’s proof of filing citation. The generated ITN from AES system gets assigned to a shipment, verifying that the electronic export is being accepted by AES. The Foreign Trade Regulations says that authorized agent must present a proof of filing citation to the carrier. The ITN comes with a six-digit number that’s been randomly assigned from the system, which will also have year, month, and date of acceptance in the AES. For example, an ITN for a good that was approved on 12th of October 2019 would be X20191012001234.

Why is it mandatory? 

AES filing is considered to be important and mandatory procedure due to security reasons. By filing AES, you give out all essential details about the shipment going out of the country. The details such as origin of the goods (supplier or warehouse), origin of the goods, along with its commodity description, net weight, cargo value, exporter or seller’s information, buyer’s details, the port of loading and landing, the destination country and location, etc. All these details will let the government know where the goods is going or which company and this way, government can prohibit the shipping, in case the location or firm is blacklisted. Moreover, FTR demands that exporters or brokers file their EEI via AES for shipping any goods priced at $2500 or more. 

ITN helps to verify the accuracy of filing

In a secured export transaction, ITN helps to verify the accuracy of the information you shared. You need to ensure that the customs brokers or agents you work with are filling the documentation precisely and properly. You can check the details of the shipments filed by you or third-party agents in the ACE portal.  

It’s a proof of your filing 

ITN plays an important role as your proof of filing that’s checked by the FTR. You need to be careful while completing the details, as wrong information can lead to criminal and civil charges by the export enforcement office. 

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