Frequently Asked Questions About Lean Six Sigma


No matter how much higher you reach day by day in Sigma Belt ranking, there are still some doubts about this methodology that are needed to be cleared. Though the questions frequently arrive in the minds, most of the time they end up with no answer. Today, we are here to clear the FAQs people generally have about this methodology:

What is Lean Six Sigma? 

Well, Lean Six Sigma is a mathematical and statistical methodology used by companies for the improvement of their business. From this methodology, we can get 99.9996% accuracy in production.

What does Lean signify in Lean Six Sigma?

People usually get confused about this “Lean”. They think it is to reduce staff from work. But, it actually stands for reducing wastes and errors in production.

How does it differ from other problem-solving methods?

The answer is quite easy. No other methods have the quality of producing an accuracy of 99.9996%.

What is the Six Sigma Belt level ranking? 

Six Sigma has six (sometimes five) different levels of ranking. These are the gradations of the level of learning one has achieved. It denotes the kind of part the certified has been eligible to play in the project development.

What is the scope of certification? 

Yes, it’s a common question because everybody wants to build a secure future from anything he or she has learned. In this regard, the EZsigma group assures you that nobody stays at home with a sigma belt level certification. There are versatile job opportunities for the certified in the market.

What kind of positions a certified can be posted in? 

It differs with the rankings of certification. Like a Green Belt is posted as Financial Manager, Healthcare Administration, Project Manager. A Black Belt is posted as Quality Leader, Quality Analyst, Process Engineer. Then a Master Black Belt can reach the positions of senior management levels.

What kind of companies a certified can be recruited in?

Manufacturing, Medicine, Food, Hotels, Administrative and so on.

What does Sigma training include? 

It includes manual training, learning software, timeline instructions, and a certification examination.

There may be more questions and doubts in your mind. But the thing is we don’t actually need to be very worried or confused about these things. Six Sigma is an easy method, so do is its training. We just need to read about it more for better clarity and more information.


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