Should You Write Clickbait Headlines?


Clickbait headlines have become so popular, albeit infamous these days in the world of writing. Among other things, they are very loud and sensational, and these make them highly capable of attracting the attention of audiences.

However, while they are effective in getting attention, clickbait headlines are also full of flaws. They tend to be misleading, uninformative, and often, hollow. They can even be used to take down a competitor brand when used in such manner.

As a persuasive copywriter, however, it is essential that you know why clickbait headlines exist. At the same time, should you write them for your sales copy?

Among the things to consider are:

  1. You need to get attention.

Persuasion only begins when you have already gotten the attention of your audience. This is because once you have them contained, you put them in an environment where you control the agenda for your readers to ponder about.

While you don’t need to misquote or misuse a fact, you can use a scientific statements to make heads turn in your target market. You can use them to power up your headline, rather than simply being clickbait.

  1. You want your name and business to be spread across the universe.

Persuasive copywriting sees a positive impact of clickbait headlines-and it’s because they can go viral and spread to different environments, including those outside your niche. If your goal is to be well-known and talked about across different niches, then you can start by using a headline that speaks to the most number of people.

You may want to research the issues and concerns that matter most to your audience, and use them as a gripping headline for your readers to discern. This way, they experience a form of shock from your sales copy’s headline, and from there they become hooked to read more about you.

  1. You want to shake the competition.

Let’s say you’re a new brand entering a highly competitive market. There are already existing brands and companies offering the same products and services as you do. You may not be selling items that are of the same quality as theirs, but hey-it all boils down to presentation.

You may want to use headlines that not only catch your readers’ attention, but at the same time that of your competitors too. Be loud and proud, be bold and fearless. Using power words can help increase the tension, not to mention, spark more curiosity among your audience.

Word of caution

When using clickbait headlines, it is also equally important that you can stand up to your claims. Keep in mind that people check, validate, and look for substance in your claims. You may want to back up your insights with factual data throughout your story so that you can produce valid points.

Search engines are quite sceptical about sales copies, so you may want to make sure that you are not misleading your audience. Use your facts wisely and strategically, so that you can avoid penalties from Google, etc. By using clickbait headlines that corroborate with your sales copy, the more audience reach you get, and the more followers turn into customers.



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