7 Things to Look Out for While Planning a Road Trip


Road trips are never a bad idea as they give you a chance to spend some quality time with your friends, family, or even with yourself. You also get to explore new spots and learn about them. The fun aspect is that there isn’t any fixed itinerary and you are free to set your schedule. Somehow, unknowingly, even the journey becomes a part of your vacation experience.

As with any trip, you have to pack a few essentials before you head out for your road trip to make the journey comfortable. However, most people forget to pack perhaps the most essential thing for a trip: an adequate travel insurance policy.

Here are 7 things that you should consider while planning a road trip:

  1. Destination

The first thing you ask yourself would be, “where to”? A resort, a beach, a remote village, or maybe even a desert, or just someplace nice and unknown to you? Any trip can be ideally planned once the destination has been set.

  1. Choice of vehicle

The next most important thing to do while planning a road trip is to select a vehicle to get you there. A bike or a car is the most preferred mode for a road trip. Indian roads can be a little bumpy, which makes bike rides a not-so-pleasing experience. On the contrary, a car can give you the comfort you’re looking for while allowing you to store your luggage. You can even sleep in it if needed. However, your destination will play a major role in making this decision.

  1. How long will you be travelling?

It is essential to know how long you would be on the road to reach your destination. Also, when travelling, make sure to stop at places just to breathe in some fresh air and refresh your mind as well as to give your vehicle some rest.

  1. Essentials you need to pack

Before embarking on a road trip, you need to ensure that you not only pack light but pack smart. Don’t occupy all the space in your car with just luggage. Only carry essentials with you such as food and water, a map or an equally excellent navigation system, a puncture repair kit, a first aid kit, a jacket for the cold, and a pair of sunglasses, etc. Clothes should be chosen and packed efficiently so that your luggage does not become too heavy.

  1. Vehicle servicing

Since it could be a long trip, you must get your vehicle serviced before hitting the road. If your car is well-maintained, you would not have to worry about your vehicle stopping in the middle of the nowhere. Lastly, fill your fuel tank to the brim at each fuelling station and carry a can of fuel with you for backup. Another addition is car insurance. Do not drive without a valid insurance policy.

  1. Booking in advance

Don’t wait to book hotel rooms at the last minute or you might have to compromise on your stay. Book accommodation as early as you can. Also, research well before you fix a place to stay. If possible, look for a place that could also let you experience the local lifestyle.

  1. Get insured

Most importantly, buy a travel insurance policy before you head out on your much-awaited road trip. This might be the trip that you were planning for a long time and you do not want anything to spoil the fun when you finally embark on it. Road accidents are quite common in India and repair costs are high. Nobody wants to spend that kind of money on repairs, especially during a vacation. Instead, purchase a travel insurance policy online from the insurer of your choice. If you are going on a family road trip, you should go for a family travel insurance plan.

To make your road trip a memorable experience and connect with your friends and family, it is important that you purchase a domestic travel insurance policy. It will not only make you feel secure but will also take care of any unforeseen debacles depending on the type of coverage you choose.


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