Keeping Malaysian Companies Safe after the Movement Control Order

The Movement Control Order is gradually becoming less strict, and companies are gradually resuming operations. Still, the working conditions and the worker’s mindsets aren’t going to be like before anytime soon; and that is until COVID-19 ends completely, or a vaccine is made.

‘Health is wealth’- we have been taking the phrase for granted, and that is when the virus started altering our livelihoods. Thus, one thing the pandemic has taught all of us is to become more conscious of our health. This is now going to reflect on workers as well, and companies will need to take more steps than ever to keep their employees healthy.

What Companies Can Run in Malaysia?

The recovery phase of the Movement Control Order (MCO) started on 10 June, which will see partial lockdowns with companies and activities with less human contact resume their operations. However, this has to be done with precautions in place. Some businesses that can run are Haircuts, Night Markets, Open Markets, Normal Businesses adhering to standard operating procedures, etc. You can check a List of Business Resumption After MCO to see if you can operate your company.

Guidelines that Organizations Need to Adhere to 

The first priority for a running organization should be the well-being of their employees. This has been reflected in the Workplace guideline after MCO that the government has issued.

Here are the two main highlights- you can click on the above link to know more about the workplace rules in Malaysia during the MCO:

Remote Working Should Be Prioritized

The best way for you to keep your employees safe is to still urge them and give them an option to work remotely from their home. Don’t call workers to the office if you don’t necessarily need to have them there. Virtual meetings and telecommunications should take place whenever possible.

Follow WHO Guidelines

Social distancing should always be practiced, and sanitizers and soaps should be readily available in the workplace. If someone falls sick, they need to inform the office and refrain from travelling or going to work. Handshakes should be avoided, and everyone should follow strict personal hygiene.