Paraphernalia for making ice cream

  1. Ice cream making machine

An ice-cream making machine is a good way to start for amateurs. Other DIY methods have diminutive benefits in terms of time taken and proficiency. However, you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are companies like Frigoman that sell equipment like soft serve machines for a reasonable price.

  1. Scoop and stack

Thanks to the evolution of technology, there’s no scarcity of fancy devices. This helps in meticulously stacking ice cream of different flavors one on top of another. It’s impressively neat too!

  1. Sieve

Sieve is of pinnacle importance in both baking and ice cream making. The texture of the dry flours has to be as fine as possible. A generous amount of time is devoted to sieving and crushing. A few seeds of strawberry that make for pulpy ice-cream, or a few coarse grains of coffee may enhance your experience but gallops of the same will ruin your culinary repertoire in an established franchise. A sieve is a must for filtering coarse matter.

  1. Ice-cream ball

This is going to be a head-turner in kitchen appliances. Children will love it for sure. All you have to do is throw in the ingredients inside and shake it vigorously for approximately 30 minutes and Voila! Yummy home-made ice-cream is ready to be served. What a great way to have technology at your fingertips, eh?

  1. Ice-cream scoop handle

Most people would have definitely had a glimpse of this at their local ice cream store. It was invented in Ohio back in the 1930s. It’s a hollow, cylindrical-shaped spoon that is designed to soften ice-cream as you scoop it. What’s more? It comes in delectable, cute round shapes! The mechanism is built on transferring the heat from the hand to the ball. Americans are so proud of this invention that it’s actually on display at MoMA.

  1. Mini ice cream whipper

Whipping cream can be an exacerbating job. Sometimes, it takes a whole hour to whip the cream, especially if it’s in large quantities. This mini ice cream whipper is equipped with an N2O charger. Just squeeze the lever and it promptly delivers fresh whipped cream that can be topped over a milkshake or a sundae. The only downside is that it can hold only half a pint of whipped cream.

  1. Spade spoons

This spoon has a tapered end that is perfect for scooping ice cream from a serving bowl.


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