Why choose plexiglass over protective films? 


The Coronavirus spread is serious and thus needs to be taken into consideration properly. By the time the vaccine isn’t found out, the businesses need to work towards the development of protective films. These can eventually play an essential role in the overall protection of businesses in the long run.

Plexiglass dividers have proven to be an effective solution for the installation of protective gear. It is essential to install the plexiglass dividers, but people over the years have preferred protection films. While these are considered to be effective, the protection films seem to have their own disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration. Some of the prominent reasons why you should choose the plexiglass protection films over the surface protection films include the following

Poor surface adhesion

Comparatively, surface protection films have very poor adhesion. The film does not at all help in maintaining social distancing and instead can be peeled off very easily. Various factors contribute to the peeling of the sheet, such as incorrect usage and installation, not clean enough surface and ineffectual sealing. Since it is meant for the installation of protective gear, it is extremely necessary to ensure the best. 

Edge Lift

You cannot afford even one edge lift with the protective gear. When the protective gears begin to rise from the surface, it is a sign that it needs to be changed. This risk of edge lift isn’t usually available for plexiglass, but the risk is very high in the case of protection films. Such edge lifts are commonly observed in protective films, which is why several companies avoid them. But, if you choose the Displetech protection plexiglass over these general protection fields, it can help to make a huge difference. 


Often the two films are placed side by side for a stronger appeal, but often it may leave out the debonding nature. The film leaves back some residue on the surface. These adhesive removals can further turn out to be problematic if not done the right way. The residue may further increase the infestation risk of the virus. Apart from that, it will make your store look dirty too. 

It is essential to install proper measures for curbing down the appeal. If proper steps are not taken, it will eventually prove to be harmful. As a result, the film removal can be harmful as well. Proper UV rating and installation considerations need to be checked to ensure the best for films. 


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